Monday, June 29, 2009

Every detail was uniquely special at this wedding.

Miss Kristi's "Kid's Corner" was genius!
"Hanging out at the Reception with my favorite pal, Pop Pop"

This May Blaine and Dawn travelled to Pennsylvania to enjoy a very special experience, to take part in a lovely lady's wedding. Miss Kristi (Blaine's Pre-School Teacher and good Friend since he was a baby) was wed to Caleb McNeice on May 15th, 2009. Blaine revelled in the whole thing, it was so new and exciting to him. Miss Kristi thought out so many unique and wonderful details, like the "Kid's Corner," where the children could color, make a door knob rememberance, and doodle/sticker anything they pleased at the reception. All of the Kids really did have fun over there, as well as many mothers! And it kept them out of mischief at the slow part of the Reception (the Waiting part).

Of course, Miss Kristi was Gorgeous, and the whole day was great fun. It was even more special because both of my Parents were there. Many prayers were answered when Blaine did just as he was told at the actual ceremony. He made a special friend... the beautiful and brilliant Grace, who served as Miss Kristi's Flower Girl.

Blaine & Grace "had sport" with Miss Kristi, but you can see how much they both truly love her!

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