Monday, June 29, 2009

Dawn's favorite parts of the reception!

The energetic wedding party at the Reception... Fun for Everyone!
It was really interesting for me to
just sit back and observe the
excitement and fun
happening during the wedding reception.
My very favorite part was the
Dollar Dance, when Miss Kristi put on
this hilarious kercheif and
danced with anyone who would
place a $ bill in the little
purse which was help
by her sister, the lovely and vivacious
Natalie Kridlo.
I could sense Blaine's excitement grow
as Caleb tried to sneak in a dance,
but the crowd refused to let him anywhere
near the now "Mrs. Kristi."
I kept wondering what Blaine was making of all of this, he was
trying to help Caleb break through, then laughing hysterically.
It will be quite a conversation, later, when he
is able to ask me what it was all about!
I don't think Blaine sat out for a single dance,
but does that surprize anyone??

This is no ring around the Rosie!

"Please may I have just one more dance,
my lovely and gracious Teacher and Friend?"

"I don't want to miss out on this dance,
with all these gorgeous women!"

A favorite dance partner, Miss Grace.

Getting a little bit wild!


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