Monday, June 29, 2009

A Little More About Us...

Our family loves to have fun, and we have run a Home Day Care for children in our home for 3 years. Dawn ("the Mom") in the past has cared for 3-7 delightful children whom we call "ours" from Monday through Friday (6:30 am to 5:30pm).

The days in our home, which we call "Blueberry Cottage", are busy, messy, loud, crazy, and FUN! We are "mid-life" parents, but most days we feel about 25 years old. Our only son, Blaine, was needing some socialization, so we took children in to our home instead of sending him out! It worked! He has learned to share, be kind, and loves to have kids to play with all the time.

We call our boy the "grasshopper," and if you come to our house, you will immediately realize why this is so!

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  1. all i can say that your story that u have shared here in your blog is so inspiring..LIVING WITH JESUS IS THE RIGHT CHOICE IN LIFE!:)