Thursday, October 7, 2010

Garden Reflections...

Front porch in Autumn
From the time I could hold a trowel, I have loved to garden.  I am grateful to have come from a long line of great gardeners on both sides of my family.  Grandmothers, aunts, sister, and cousins have shared cherished family seeds and cuttings, and handed down the secrets of excellent gardening to each new generation.  And, of course, family stories about gardening have always played a major role in creating warm family gatherings and memories. 

Before I became a mother, I had been busy with a full time career as a Nurse and Educator.  I did dabble in the dirt, but I would not consider myself much of a success in the garden, let alone an expert in certain areas.  For the past seven years, I have only worked outside of the home part time, and my interest in gardening, especially organic gardening and herb gardening, has sky rocketed.   I read extensively whenever I have the opportunity (sadly, my best reading is done in the bathroom). 

Perhaps this summer has given me the biggest thrill, because I have experienced an abundant harvest of herbs, vegetables, and even fruit from my own dooryard garden!

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