Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday = Blazing Friday at our Place!

Black Friday -- the day after Thanksgiving, which is widely touted as the biggest Christmas shopping day in America -- is actually not the biggest shopping day? In fact, the Saturday before Christmas has historically been the largest volume shopping day. Black Friday ranks anywhere from second to fifth in Christmas shopping days.

We, however, are decorating our home on this Special Day.  We call it "Blazing Friday," because afterwards (after all that wonderful decorating), we usually drive out to our 3 room "Cabin" off of the Little Red River, build a HUGE Bon fire, and Relax, roasting Marshmallows and eating S'Mores until we can't keep our eyes open!  Then we snuggle into bed (usually all three of us in the Queen sized bed in the only bedroom of the cabin), and sleep in peace until we wake up the next Saturday morning.

This year I have almost completely finished my Christmas Shopping, AND most of the gifts have been bought on SALE, so I have no guilty pangs when I hear of all the "Bargains" I missed while my friends trampled all over the customers, driving like mad to the next store at 4:00am, etc.  I am just going to smile and say, "Good for you!"

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