Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Very Merry Party with the Otstots!

Natalie and Aunt Nancy
exchange gifts at the
Annual Otsot/Blaine Luncheon in
Enola, Pa

Is it a bracelet?

Uncle Ivan shows his gift:  a notepad and pen

The Gifts were Plentiful and Lovely at
this Family Event.

Katie opens her gift

Passing out gifts chosen with love for
our loved ones:  Natalie

After lunch, gift giving and openning, it's off to
Bob and Stacy's to play in the yard
and on the Ship

Decorated for the Season

Ryan tells us "What's What"

The boys were delighted with each other.
They played together all day
Ryan:  5 years old
Blaine:  7 years old

More gifts... It's like Christmas all over again!

Blaine shows Aunt Nancy his favorite thing:
Hot Wheels!

Blaine opens his cute stuffed animal

Ryan opens a Race Car


Doug gets in on the gift receiving!

What a Majestic Home!
We came here after the gifts and played...
They have a wonderful yard and play room

Rudolf Proudly stands at the front of the Balaban ship

I loved seeing the pretty table decorated for lunch

It looks a lot like Christmas in the Den!

Kissing Cousins

Santa will bring this poor girl some jeans next year for Christmas!

Blaine loves to pal around with Doug ("Pachelbel") and Katie

The piano where so many beautiful memories were made:
Singing together and listening to Stacy play

We adore you, Ivan and Nancy!

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