Friday, March 18, 2011

Prayers for Sarah: Day 7

"Indeed, we have received grace after grace from HIS fullness." --John 1:16

Sarah is continuing to improve. There was a minor surgery today to improve the circulation/vessels in her
right hand/arm. They say it went well. She will have surgery tomorrow on her shattered pelvis. Pray that the
surgeons will focus and put things back together the way they need to be. A metal plate will be inserted
into her posterior pelvic area for stability. She will be on her stomach for 3-6 hours for the surgery. Pray her heart and body will tolerate such a position.

Friends, Family, and Church Family have been such a help and encouragement to my family. Please continue the cards and phone calls. I have heard positive feedback from Curtis, Debbie, and my Mother. I know the kindness and caring have also touched My father, Tom. I believe faith is being born anew and strengthened in my loved one's hearts. Glory to GOD!

"There is a Name above all names
Let mine be lost in HIS
Hide me in HIS crimson heart
Oh, way of secret bliss!

One life alone is worth the find
Nail mine onto the tree
Till Jesus ever shining here
Is all beheld in me.

Bring HIM forth each day I live
And leave me in the tomb
I seek no other glory here
Make not the smallest room.

Blessed anonymity!
Count my life but loss.
JESUS the One and Only
Tread over me, Dear Cross."

Jesus is all we need...  Thank you all for your prayers.

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