Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sarah's Status: Day 2

Thank you to all who have stormed the gates of heaven on behalf of my family and
especially my niece, Sarah. It is nothing short of a miracle that she survived
the night. Thanks be to God! She was in surgery for 6 hours as they discovered
a bleeder in her brain, along with 2 skull fractures, damage to the frontal lobe, and cerebral edema. At the moment,she is in critical condition in the Trauma ICU at the Carolina's Medical Center of
N Carolina. Praise Our Father God that the First Responders made the judgement call
to fly her by helicopter to this most excellent trauma center instead of taking her
elsewhere for care... had they taken her elsewhere, she would have died (as her 6 physicians
indicated to my brother today). Glory to God that there is a Hospitality House for my family
to sleep comfortably at night close to the medical center and Sarah at a reasonable cost. I am so grateful
to the Nurses and Physicians who are taking such excellent care of Sarah.
Another prayer request: For Barbara, Sarah's sister and the driver of the SUV that flipped (4 times, I am told).

It is complicated, but for now I need to simply ask for serious prayers for Barbara. She has been through much guilt and trauma, and more difficulties await her in the near future. Pray that she seeks her Creator for help, strength, and meaning in all of this.

"If ye shall ask anything in MY NAME... I will do it." (John 14:14). Please continue to
ask our powerful God for Sarah to recover fully and have the opportunity to live a meaningful life,
and may she decide to devote the rest of her life fully to our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ! Please
petition God for endurance, courage, and faith for my family, especially Curtis, Debbie, Barbara, and
Jessica. Thank you.

Sarah with Brayden and friend, Greg
August, 2010

Late Note: 11 pm-    Natalie, Joe and Eden are on their way to Charlotte by car. Pray for a safe journey and courage when they arrive.

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