Monday, March 30, 2009

Museum Days for Dawn and Blaine

While Mike is in class learning at the Yamaha School in Kennesaw, Georgia, we toured all the local museums and places of education. Blaine got to pan for gold at this mill. He loved the water, and found quite a few Gems in the dirt. We had a great time until it was time to return to Mike's school to pick him up that evening. Then it was off to the pool at the hotel, and dinner in the Electric Skillet in the room. We ate really good food for only about $75.00 for the whole week. One of the higlights of the week for Blaine was his first in Theater Movie, "Monsters vs. Aliens". He loved the whole experience. We did a lot of walking to explore the town of Kennesaw, and Scootering on the University of Kennesaw Campus. This week was one of the first weeks in a very long time that Blaine actually asked to go to bed before we were ready to go!
Of course, Mike made an "A" on his course in 4-stroke outboard motors. He studied for 2 hours every night, and probably made the highest score in the class. We were very proud of him, but also glad the course was over.

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