Monday, March 23, 2009

Great Memories Involve a Little Planning

Just a note regarding planning. I found a great site to Help with Easter Plans, organizing and making sure one does not forget the essentials. I highly recommend it. I used it for Christmas Planning and Prep last year and things were very organized and efficient. There are Sheets to print out which help with reminding one of House work that needs done, shopping, gifts that have already been purchased, Wardrobe planner, Calender countdown, Holiday chore checklists, so many helps to print out. I simply put them in a folder notebook and look at the lists daily, checking off what's done and planning what I need to still do. Go to, and follow the prompts for Easter.

Here are a few photos from our recent family vacation at the beach. We had a ball, but I also want to mention that I keep a vacation folder/notebook with all the specifics regarding directions, maps, hotels, packing lists, etc.

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