Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Summer to all!

"It seems to me
that we can never give up
longing and wishing
while we are thoroughly alive.
There are certain things
we feel to be beautiful
and good,
and we must hunger after them."

---- George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans)

We recently visited family in Maryland. We had a marvelous time touring the sights of the Baltimore zoo and the Science Museum with Leslie, Kayla, and Aunt Jeanie!

Blaine made a Tornado with this learning tool at the Museum-- this was his favorite stop.

The Water-works were also a big hit. Kayla and Blaine played, making many dams and investigating how the water flows in different ways.

We have discovered many wonderful ways to have fun on the cheap, including dollar movies (in very cool theaters, temperature-wise, that is), free concerts, magic shows, challenging swimming lessons, and time for relaxing in our own back yard by the little swimming pool.

We've read more books from the library than we have all during the whole last school year, and enjoyed many educational videos. Currently, Blaine is really into the PBS kids- "Liberty Kids" DVDs, which inadvertantly teach him (and his parents) many fascinating facts about our country's History.

We've also been practicing our math and hand-writing more intensely, since "the Home School Teacher" (ME!) was a little lax in those areas this past school year. I am amazed at the understanding, and thrill that Blaine has received by learning all of this! It makes my mommy heart smile!

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