Monday, June 14, 2010

Crazy Fun at Blueberry Cottage

"Do not be afraid,
for I am with you;
I will bring your children
from the East and gather you
from the West."

----------Isaiah 43:8.

We are having a crazy party in this photo above.

Mike & I have been dreaming with the "Out there" idea of adopting a little girl from China.

 Not a baby...                a little girl.

 Of course, I would LOVE to, but Mike has many reservations, which I must honor.

And so I pray.

God can provide, can change a man's heart, can make money available, can move a little girl from a country thousands of miles away, and into our home.

I truly believe all of these things.

If you, reader, are a praying person, would you join me in approaching our Creator God with this issue?
 I very openly want what He has for our family, in His plans, in His will.

Please pray only for that, His divine will for our family in this area.

 I want it to be crystal clear to Mike that we should go ahead -- soon... we are not getting younger!


 And thanks be to God that we have options such as this,
and that He has so many children on this earth for people like us
who could not biologically produce one the biological way.

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