Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Family Camp at Manatawny

 "Few who have not lived this healthful, invigorating life can appreciate its wonderful charm." --Summer Life in a Luxurious Adirondack Camp, 1903)          
Blaine enjoys "Canteen" after cooling off on the water slide.

|If you think of camp as a rough-and-tumble summer escape, you'll be surprized and delighted by these fun photos of our extended family's stay at Camp Manatawny over Memorial Day Weekend.       
"Suddenly from around a wooded point, a tiny fleet of canoes
dart out into the glittering water... and the creek seems all at once to be smiling and human."        
  --A turn of the century magazine describing camps of the day       
The Drum Performance                                                        Little Abigail with a Hula Hoop at the Camp Carnival

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