Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"My Mommy Tips" for Loving a Child... Part One

Touch your children as often as possible.
This is especially important when you also must be working at home
 in some way--perhaps on the computer or on the phone.

A little stroking of the hair or a snuggle on your lap as you type  
helps them feel like you're engaged with them while you work.

Teach them how to do something unusual, like sewing.
Make it a big deal, talk about it for a week
before you actually do it. 
Be extra gentle and kind while you are instructing.

Always smile at your children when they approach you.
Have a special word or nickname for him/her that only you use,
and whisper the nickname in the child's ear when you hug him/her.

Right Now Blaine's favorite nickname is
"Kitten".  It will change from time to time, but for now he lights up and smiles
when I call him my "Kitten".

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